About Me

I am a young man from Denmark, I started this project because I wanted to help people.

I have made an YouTube channel: NorthernNature ASMR, to help people with stress by making stress relieving content, for meditation, better sleep, or simply just to relieve stress.

I have then made a couple of Instagram accounts: soothingnatureasmr and northernnatureasmr to promote this YouTube channel, so I can reach and help more people.

To expand the business I have now made this website, to review and offer the best products to my followers, within reasonable pricing.

The Reason I Started This Project

I started this project, because I heard and read scientist talk about the positive outcome, of walking in the nature.


The nature can help the mental health, as well as the physical health

My part is providing the nature to those who does not have the opportunity to see it themselves, as well as providing the best budget products

My Future Goals

My goals with this website, my YouTube and my Instagram accounts, is to provide help to as many as possible through the nature by:

1. Providing calming nature videos to those with stress

2. Nature photography for those who can’t experience nature in their life, due to location or lack of time/energy

3. Budget products to help other amateur photographers

4. Health products for those who try to live healthier without spending tons of money

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best

Sebastian – Northern Nature


NorthernNature ASMR


soothingnatureasmr – Nature Photography

northernnatureasmr – Black and White Nature Photography

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