You have probably tried it yourself. You wake up, you didn’t get enough sleep, your mood isn’t the best and then you look outside and everything is gray and depressing. Can the weather affect your mood?

Not the best start to your day, right?

I want to tell you about the impact the weather has, and give you a few advice on how you can boost your mood, when these days come.

You can’t make the sun shine, but you can do some things at home that will help.

Which supplements work and are there any other products that could help you through a gray rainy day?

Stay tuned to find out


Weather vs. Our Mental Health

If you wake up during the summer, with a mood that isn’t the best and you look outside and the sun is shining, you hear the birds, it’s warm, then everything automatically gets a bit better.

If you wake up during winter and you look outside, everything is gray, it’s raining, you can only hear the cars on the road, then you wouldn’t feel any better, would you?

The weather has a huge impact on our mental health because it can be uplifting, or depressing.

Warm colors like yellow, green and so on, makes us feel better, it’s just a fact. If you scroll through your Instagram feed and you see a bright colorful picture, and then a completely gray picture, which one made you feel the best? The colorful one, right?

That is why we feel worse, if everything outside is completely gray because we can’t do anything about it and we can’t really change anything inside either. We can put up some paintings, sure, but nothing beats the colors of the nature.

Another thing is that we lose energy when the weather is bad. If the sun shines, we get vitamin d just by being outside. We feel more energetic and we’re ready to do all kinds of stuff.

If you wake up and it’s pouring down outside, are you then motivated to do anything? Why not just call in sick and spend all day in bed while you’re watching your favorite show?

I’m sure you see my point by now, the weather has a huge impact on our day, which is why many people get depressed during the winter. Because the sun is just gone, and it’s gray all the time (at least in some countries)

But is there anything to do when the weather isn’t as you want it to be?

Do Something To Boost Your Mood

Obviously, you can’t just make the sun shine, even though that’d be great.

But there’re some things you can do.

  • It’s hard to find the energy when the weather isn’t the best, but try your best to do something active. Go for a walk or do some sort of exercise, because this releases endorphins in your brain, which automatically gives you more energy and make you feel happier.
  • Do something you like. Don’t just accept that today is an awful day and walk around all depressed. Make the day better, by doing something you like.
  • Try to be positive. Don’t think to yourself ”this day is awful. I can’t get anything done. I’m just going to be depressed all day” Be positive. Today may not be the best day ever, but then make it better by being positive!

How Healthy Supplements Help You

Before you convince yourself that you have a depression and go to the doctor for antidepressants, then maybe you could try some of the natural alternatives, simply because they’re way healthier for your body and mind.

You can get a lot of natural products that are made to make your mood more stable. It isn’t some magic pill that makes you feel absolutely amazing within a day, unfortunately. If you find a natural pill that works like that, then let me know, because that would be great.

But it does work by giving you a small boost. I have used the products, which I will link for in a bit, myself and they helped me have a more stable mood overall. If you’re completely depressed and can’t do anything at all, then, of course, you should see a doctor and get help, but if you’re just in a bad mood and need a boost, then try these out:

Sam E


I have tried both, and still use them, and using those and going for a walk once a day, made my mood more stable and has helped me a lot!

You can see my full review in those two articles above.

Extra Advice

Another amazing product when it comes to a winter depression or bad weather, is light therapy lamps.

They provide a light that’s natural and works like the sunlight would. So even when you’re inside and it’s pouring rain outside, you can still get a healthy light that can improve your mood!

I have an article about this:

Light Lamps

I have used one of those myself last winter, and it worked great! You have to get used to the light, which takes a few minutes but after that, you can just enjoy it! Read more about it in the light lamps article, where I tell you everything you need to know

Final Thoughts

I’m sure we can reach an agreement that the weather does have an impact on our mental health. We have all been there and tried to feel how our day gets worse if the weather isn’t as we hoped it would be.

You just can’t let some clouds and some rain ruin your entire day.

You must try to be positive and still get some things done. Power through the things you have to get done that day, get some exercise, and then reward yourself with doing something you like. If you get all of those things done, then the day can’t be that bad, right?

Thank you for reading today’s article, feel free to leave a comment with thoughts or experiences with what helped you through these days.

Go back and read some of the articles I suggested!

All the best

Sebastian / Northern Nature


  1. Todd Matthews


    I can tell you directly from experience that when one gets up in the morning and immediately starts exercise, they will feel better regardless of what it’s doing outside, even in the winter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather prefer the sun and clear skies in the spring and summer and get my workout in at a track or a trail, but at the same time, the world isn’t ending when it comes to bad weather. I’ve always urged others to exercise in the early morning, especially on days where it’s raining because it will affect your whole day in a positive manner. 

    • Sebastian


      Thank you for your personal experience, I agree that exercise does wonders for your mental health 🙂

      All the best

  2. Akshay


    Awesome article, Sebastian. You’re right in saying that whether affects our mood significantly. I enjoyed reading your article as it is relatable to all human lives. 

    Also, I liked the supplements you have suggested, never heard of them before. I’m glad to get to read your article and know and know this information. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article. 

    • Sebastian


      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it:)

      All the best

  3. Nate MC


    Excellent tips for what people can do to boost their mood when the weather isn’t all that great. Personally, I’m a huge fan of walking, even if it’s cold, wintry conditions and all that. And putting yourself in a positive mindset is important. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of positive thinking, even when they wake up in a very bad mood.

  4. Stella


    Sometimes, mood and environment depend on each other. I have experienced a moment when I’ll wake up with mood swings. It was really not a good thingbto battle with because it can render the whole day not productive. What I usually indulge in during this period was exercise and meditation. Meditation comes first and exercise follows. Meditation clears awful thought and make you have very clear mind. Exercise like yoga, Abs fitness fat burning fitness can improve your breathing potential and bring back the good mood we used have. These have been helpful for a long time now. I don’t really have much fate on supplement but this supplement -Sam E, sounds great. I have a friend who love taking it. Am just hearing light lamp for the first time and I hope to try it. Thanks for sharing this useful review about mood and environment.

    • Sebastian


      Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you have found something that helps you through mood swings, and I’m sure you would be very pleased with Sam E!

      All the best

  5. Shannon


    Thank you for your thoughtful article. Personally, my mood has always been affected by gloomy sunless days so your article intrigued me. On these days I have to make an extra effort to be sure I get myself moving and motivated somehow right away in the morning. I find that if I get into that “lazy slump” thinking I’ll pick it up later, that later time never seems to come lol. I have not tried any supplementation but I have on occasion used a light lamp. They can be wonderful tools for mood as well as Vitamin D supplementation. Thanks for your suggestions!

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