Welcome to the series: Take control of your life. Part one out of three

Why Take Control Of Your Life

If you do the same things over and over and you´ll get the same results.
If you are not satisfied with your life right now – what can you do?
How can you make your life turn in a new direction?

Maybe you’re afraid of what can go wrong. You know what you have – you don´t know what you´ll get, and that thought can be scaring.

Have you been locked up in your routines for so long that you can´t even imagine how it would be to make a change and get a better life?
– The life you have dreamed of.
– The life you deserve.

But do you deserve a better life?  Of course, you do!
Can you do it? Of course, you can.
Do you have to do it all by yourself?  No! There will be people around you who can be a part of this –  but you’re the one who has to make the decision.
You have to turn the wheels and make the decision about what you want to change.
You have to decide when you will begin to take control of your own life.
Only you know when enough is enough.

Your Mindset

You will have to be honest with yourself and make yourself some promises and goals, and then you have to be proud of yourself for being brave enough to go into action.

“ But can I do it…?”
“What if….? “   These words you’ll have to throw out.
They aren’t good for anything and they can’t be a part of your mindset. However, they will appear in your mind, again and again, every time you feel a little weak, tired or disappointed. These words will try to get you down and make you doubt yourself. You can’t let that happen.
You just have to let them go.

Maybe this little illustration can help you :
Imagine you are at a restaurant eating running sushi. Most of the food is excellent, but you can see that one type of sushi is not good for you. You have tried it before and you know you will be sick if you eat it.
What do you do?
You just let it go. You know there will come a better one, and one more … but you also know that the bad sushi will be back…  You choose the good ones and prepare yourself to let the bad sushi go every time it shows up.
You can do this just as many times as you have to, but you will never allow the bad sushi to make you sick.

Imaging the two words “what if….” are like the bad sushi.  You know they will find a way to you, but you also know that you have made a decision that you will not let them ruin your good spirit or let them destroy your new plans. What do you do with these two words every time they show up in your mind? You just let them pass.
Don´t spend a second on wondering why these words are coming back to you. You knew they would be back, and you are ready to ignore them.

Every time you do this you will be stronger!
You can do the most incredible things, but it all begins with your mindset. Remember that you are the one who has control over your mind. You are the one who makes the decisions in your life.

The toughest part in all this is when you do stop up in your life…. when you take a look at yourself and what the life around you has become, and you ask yourself if you are satisfied….? Is this what you dreamed of ..?
This is a very important moment, and when you have been there and you have made a decision of taking control over your life … then you are ready to go.

Why is this moment so important? Because many people will never have the courage to stop up in their life – and think!


Once I heard a story that makes the point quite clear.
A man went into an old grocery store. When he finished his shopping, he saw a dog who lied down behind the desktop in a corner, howling and whining…
The man wondered what was wrong but didn´t want to say anything, and he left.
A few days later he came back and was very surprised to see that the dog was still there.
It did lay at the exact same place in the corner, but howling and whining even louder. The man couldn´t  ignore it this time, so he asked the man behind the desk:
“ Is this your dog ?”
The owner answered: “ Yes it is “
– “ But it is howling and whining a lot, is there something wrong?
The owner answered: “ Yes it has pain because it’s laying on a pile of nails….”
The man got angry and said: “ How can you treat the dog like this? Why don´t you help it out?”
And the owner answered :
“ There is nothing at all that forces the dog to stay in that corner. It did choose the place itself, there is no rope or chain at all – it can stand up and move to a better place anytime it wants “
The man wondered “But why doesn´t it move then?
And the owner answered: “ It doesn`t hurt enough”

A valuable lesson.
It can be painful to move to another place and it can take some hard work and have some costs, but is it worse than staying in the same pain without doing anything?

The Decision Of A Better Life

As I wrote before – it all begins with that important moment when you put your feet in the ground and make a decision to stop and make a turn to change your life for the better.
If you are there right now – be proud of yourself, and enjoy the fact that every step you take from now will lead you in a direction that you want to go.
Your way to your goal!

A trap which is easy to get caught in at this time is the annoyance and irritation that you ended up in this situation in the first place.
Have you ever tried to drive down a wrong road? Of course, who hasn’t?
After 20 miles we realize that there is nothing else we can do but turn around the car and drive all the way back.
We can be so angry at ourselves. How did I miss that sign? Why didn´t I leave earlier? Now I will be late.
And we can go on and on, but will it make any good for us? Not at all!
Be proud of yourself that you finally realized that you had to turn around. The 20 miles is soon over and then you can feel the happiness and satisfaction when you see the sign and now know that you are driving in the right direction.
Every minute you’re getting closer to your destination.

Final Thoughts

So now you are here
Ready for a change and to take control of your life.   The next two articles will help you to focus on what to do and what not to do at the beginning of your better life.

Thank you for reading part 1/3

Keep reading: Part 2
I`m looking forward to being with you again,  join me next week and keep up your good work until then.

All the best

Sebastian / Northern Nature

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