I´m glad you are back and I have been looking forward to continuing the article about taking control of your life.

The important decision has been made, and now you must make sure that you know which direction you are going.

This is the next very important step to do. You must ask yourself if your goals are clear.

Do you have absolute clarity on where you want to go, and what goal you want to be fighting for?

“ If you don´t know your goal, you don´t know when you’ve reached it “

Your Goals

To keep the focus on the important things, it will be a valuable help to make a list about why you want to change your life. Write it down and let the list be within reach, it can help you to stay motivated in difficult times.

Write down what you don´t like in your life at the moment – and write down how you would like your life to be in the future.

Will it be fulfilled in a month? In a year? Or longer? It’s okay, as long as you’re working towards your goal then it doesn’t matter how long it will be.

But you have to remember that it is your list and not someone else’s. If someone wants to make some changes in your list then don’t let them.

As you may have heard before: You are the artist of your life, don´t give the brush to someone else.

It’s a good idea to read your list every day or whenever you’ve lost motivation. Read it out loud, so you can hear your own voice telling you what you want of your life in the future.

Who do you want to be?

How do you want your life to be?

Do you want to be better at saying no?

Do you want to take more responsibility?

Do you want more money?

Do you want to spend more time with your real friends and let go of the bad ones?

The list can go on and on. These are just a few examples.

But why do you have to read it out loud? Honestly, it may sound kind of foolish.


But think about this:

If you want to find something on the internet what do you do?

If you want to buy some clothes, a holiday or just a new hat. You tell the computer what you want.

The place, the size, color, price and more. Then you let the computer work for you, “Search “

It works in the same way with your brain. When you are reading out loud what you want, you are telling your brain – your subconscious – what you want it to do.

Your brain will then be searching for opportunities. It will be ready to tell you if you are going in the right or wrong direction.

Try this experiment:

Imagine that in the next hour you will get 1$ for every blue thing you can see. Look around and suddenly you see all the blue colors in the room.

Now change the color to red. Now your brain will focus on the red color and you will not notice the blue colors anymore.

In the same way, you can help your brain to focus on your new goals – so you can stay on the right track. Try it out! Make your list and make it clear how you want your life to be and repeat it to yourself every day.

You will find out that suddenly you see things in another perspective and it will be easier to stay focused.

But in this process, you must prepare yourself that some people might disappoint you.

When you choose to tell people about your decision there will most likely be someone who won’t support you.

You can not let them get you down. You don’t need negativity when you start improving your life.

Find the people who support you and stick with them.

But what else can you do if you are getting resistance on your way?

Even though we know that all people are getting resistance in life – some more, some less – it can be hard to handle when it hits us.

Sometimes we are really struggling to do the right things, but we feel that we are failing again and again and the results just aren’t what we want them to be.

We get disappointed in ourselves and feel that we can’t do things good enough.

We have all tried this feeling, haven’t we? But we have to stop that negative mindset because it doesn’t benefit us in any way.

Never Give Up

Instead, we have to find out what we can do to get back up and get back on the right track – don’t forget that it’s your way that you’ve chosen because you want to get control of our life in the future.

So how do we get the energy to take back the control? Don’t be sorry that you get disappointed sometimes. There is no doubt that it’s our mistakes that are the best lessons in life.

Learn from it!

Accept that mistakes are a part of life.

Analyze what happened and figure out what you’ll do better next time!

Use your mistakes to make a strategy that will help you to avoid these situations in the future.

Fall – stand up – get back on the horse – and move forward.

Don’t go back to thinking about your mistakes over and over again, you are wasting energy and ruining your mindset in that way.

Write a note with the following words and put it on your wall or another place where you will see it often :

“ I never lose. Either I win or I learn“

Do you remember “ The bad sushi “ from the last article?

When the negative thoughts come by – just let them go.

Send them away. “ No thank you, I don’t need this “

You are now on your way to reach your goals and have made a decision that means changes in your life.

It does take a lot of courage to do it. You can be tired and sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s okay. Changes take time and energy and you just have to be patient.

Just keep moving!

It’s easier to change the direction of a ship sailing – than to change the direction of a ship that isn’t moving.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading part 2.

You are in the middle of the process now, you are about to get control of your life.

This is the second article out of three and next time I will give you some practical advice that will help you to keep staying focused and help you to reward yourself for all of your efforts.

Until next week, keep fighting!

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All the best

Sebastian / Northern Nature

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