We have all tried it at some point in our life. Maybe even every day for some people. What to do when you are burned out is what we’ll talk about today

You come home from work, after a long day, and you have absolutely no energy left. You can’t even get yourself to take out the trash. Everything you want to do is lie down and watch your favorite Netflix series.

Does that sound familiar?

Let’s take a look at what you can do to give yourself the boost you need, so you don’t waste your day doing nothing at all.

Why Do We Burn Out

If you work 8 hours a day, then, of course, that takes a lot of your energy. You might have a thousand things at work you need to get done by the end of the day, and that is the biggest reason that we burn out. Stress.

Haven’t you tried to wake up and knowing you have way too much to get done today, you end up not getting anything done almost.

Just the idea of the 100 things you need to get done, is enough to make you feel so burned out that you don’t get anything done. Then the next day you suddenly have double the amount of things to do, because you didn’t get anything done the day before, so now you have even more things to stress about.

It’s a mean circle, which is why we need to figure out what you can do to get the things done without burning out.

What Impact Does It Have

Stress kills our productivity. If you’re stressed then you have no focus at all, no energy, all you want to do is lie down and do nothing.

This is what’s dangerous because the more we lie down doing nothing, the more we have to get done, which makes us more stressed.

Try to follow me on this and imagine this scenario:

Let’s say you have your own business and work from home.

Monday: You wake up at 6 am and you know that you have to optimize your website today because it was running too slow last week and you were out all weekend.

But you’re not totally sure how to do that, and your friend told you about this great show on Netflix that you want to look at.

You make some breakfast and watch the show. Time flies, now it’s time for lunch. Suddenly it’s 2 pm and you’re too tired to get yourself going. You’ll just do it tomorrow instead, no rush.

Tuesday: 6 am your alarm goes off. Today you really need to optimize your website but wait, you needed to write some emails to your clients and call a few of them as well. You start researching how you optimize your website, but suddenly you get across a funny YouTube video, and before you know it, it’s 2 pm again and the only productive thing you’ve done today, is watching penguin documentaries.

Wednesday: Now it’s Wednesday, the work week is halfway done and what have you accomplished? You have watched Netflix and penguins on YouTube. Now you have Monday’s work, Tuesdays work and Wednesdays work to do. In one day!

That’s too stressful, and you haven’t worked out this week either, so you better get that done while you have the energy for it.

I think that’s enough of this scenario.

I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this, and I think everyone has tried something similar to that. You keep postponing what you need to get done, until there’s so much to do, that all you can do is to stress about it.

And that is exactly why people burn out. There’s simply too much stuff you need to get done all the time, and if you never give yourself a break, then you will burn out eventually.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to lower the risk of burning out.

What You Can Do

1. Reward Yourself

Give yourself something to look forward to.

Let’s stick with the Netflix part. Let’s say you have a great movie you want to watch, then make a deal with yourself. After you have finished today’s work, then you can watch that movie.

It may be 8 hours into the future, I know, but it can motivate you to focus and get today’s work done.

2. Breaks

Don’t push yourself so much that you burn out halfway through the day. If you need a 10 minutes break to get some air and clear your head, then go for it!

3. Exercise

Exercise can give you new energy and make it easier for you to sleep at night.

4. Optimize Workspace

If you have a stack of paper you need to clear out by the end of the day, then just have that stack of paper on your desk.

Don’t have tomorrows work, your phone, some random books, and so on.

Keep it simple, because your brain has an easier time relaxing and concentrating if there isn’t a ton of junk all around you.

5. Remove Distractions

Don’t have your phone on vibrate or your laptop settings in a way that you get pop-ups from social media and texts all the time. Give yourself a chance to focus.

6. Plan Ahead!!

This is probably the most important one.

It’s Sunday, you know you have 100 things to do next week, which is pretty overwhelming if you ask me.

Then plan ahead! split it up and say ”Tomorrow I’m doing this and that, so the other things have to wait until the other days.”

Make a plan you know you can go through with, and stick to it!

Extra Tips

For products to boost your brain and energy read:

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading today’s article, I hope you enjoyed it.

Do you have any experiences with burning out? Let me know in the comment section down below.

Most people focus so much on keeping their physical body healthy, that they forget about mental health.

If you don’t feel well mentally, then you won’t feel well physically, so start by reducing your stress levels by following the advice on this site 🙂

I wish you all luck on your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself!

Until next time.

All the best

Sebastian / Northern Nature

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