Lots of people don’t drink enough water, because they’d rather drink coffee or soda or something else. But we’ll talk about why you should drink more water.

Is it really a good idea to drink something else than water, when you’re feeling thirsty?

How damaging is it, and why do you need to get more water?

Find out everything you need to know in this article. Enjoy!

Why You Need Water

Adult humans are 60% water.

Just by that fact you can probably see that if your body doesn’t get any fluids then that won’t end well for you.

If you don’t get enough water then you won’t have nearly as much energy as you could have and you will feel sick.

You’ll also damage your health because your body needs water in order to function properly. Water makes your body stay healthy, which we’ll talk about now.

If you get dehydrated then you will have a much harder time getting anything done, and your body won’t feel good.

The Benefits of Water

Water keeps your overall body healthy, which is why you should always choose water instead of other unhealthy drinks. It may be more boring to be drinking water, instead of soda, but it benefits your health a lot.

1. Weight loss

Water is important when you’re trying to lose weight because it benefits the digestive system.

And of course, it’s better to drink water than soda or some other drink.

2. Kidneys

Water keeps your kidneys healthy, which is needed for getting rid of the waste in your body.

3. Skin

If you’re dehydrated you’re more likely to get wrinkles on your skin or dry skin.

4. Oxygen

Water helps your blood transport oxygen around your body, because a big part of your blood is water.

5. Waste

Water cleans out the waste in your body.

6. Temperature

It balances your body temperature

7. Performance

It helps you perform better during exercise because your muscles need

8. Minerals

Water makes it easier for your body to obtain minerals and nutrition through food and supplements.

So if you’re taking daily vitamins, which you should, then remember to drink lots of water to make sure you get everything you need.

If you get dehydrated then you won’t be able to do as much as you could before, you won’t have nearly as much energy, you don’t think as clearly anymore and you will just feel tired and unmotivated for anything. It can be compared to when a flower doesn’t get any water, then it doesn’t look good and it starts hanging.

In the same way when you don’t get enough water then you don’t feel nearly as good anymore,

How You Get Yourself To Drink More Water

Some people, including myself, don’t really like soda and other stuff and I’m totally fine with drinking just water.

But most people would rather have a soda than a glass of water, which I completely understand, so how do you get yourself to prioritize water instead of soda/other unhealthy drinks?

Of course, you can enjoy a soda or something once in a while. I’m not saying you can’t have some unhealthy moments ever, but you should try to drink more water at least. Think about all the benefits we just talked about and next time you’re really thirsty and see soda in your fridge, then drink a glass of water instead. Your thirst disappears and then you won’t be craving a soda as much.

You can make your glass of water more interesting by adding some ice and a squeeze of lemon or example. Then you have a bit more taste and it’s not as boring as a normal glass of water anymore.

Get healthier in small steps through my website, because you’re changing your lifestyle, not just for a couple of weeks. That is why you can’t make too many changes, because then it’ll be hard to maintain that lifestyle. Small steps and then you can get a healthier life through the advice and experiences on this site.

Can You Drink Too Much Water

You can have too much of anything.

Even vegetables aren’t healthy for you if you eat so much that you throw up.

Some people need more water than others, which can be caused by different reasons, but the bottom line is that we’re all different.

If you’re thirsty, then drink a glass of water, it’s that simple.

If you get dehydrated then your energy is gone, you can’t get anything done anymore, so get the water you need!

I need a lot of water during the day, so I’m having about 3-4 liters, but most people are probably fine with 2-3, so aim for that and if you feel thirsty then drink some more.

Final Thoughts

Now we have talked about the benefits of water and why you may need to drink more than you already do.

A lot of people choose other drinks instead of water, because water is boring and doesn’t really taste like a lot. Soda/coffee/cocoa for sure tastes like more, which does that more people choose to drink those type of drinks instead of a boring glass of water.

But one thing you could do is to make your glass of water more interesting by for example adding ice and lemon because this can make a difference and make you want to choose water instead of the other drinks.

Of course, you can also focus on all the benefits of drinking water instead of soda.

Thank for reading this article, I hope you got some new useful information and feel free to leave a comment with your tricks to getting more water instead of unhealthy drinks.

My mission is to make you healthier through natural ways instead of chemical medicine, and I hope you will take a look around the website, because I’m sure you will find some subjects that interest you! 🙂

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All the best

Sebastian / Northern Nature

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