A lot of us don’t want to go to sleep when we lay down in our bed. It’s way more fun to watch a few YouTube videos, play some games, text with a bunch of people, and then suddenly it’s 2 am and you have to get up in a few hours. We’ve all tried that at some point probably, but let’s talk about why you should turn off your phone when you go to sleep.

It Will Ruin Your Sleep

Obviously, you don’t get any sleep as long as you’re staring at your phone.

But that’s not the only negative side of your phone. The unnatural light interrupts your brain and makes it way harder for you to fall asleep after using it.

Your brain gets a ton of distractions, whether it’s games, videos, texting, or something else.

Haven’t you tried waking up in the middle of the night and when you check the time on your phone, then you feel more awake than you did before?

Or you may have tried playing games on your phone for 1 hour and then even though it’s late at night, then you still feel awake because the light from your phone interrupts your brain and makes you feel awake.

Turn It Off Completely

A lot of you may think that it’s fine to put your phone next to your bed and don’t use it. It is! if you can actually stop using it.

The problem is that you get a text and your phone vibrates, then you pick it up and then the damage is done.

Is there’s no chance of you getting distracted by your phone, then you can just lay it on your desk or wherever.

But if you hear a noise from your phone, or the screen light up or something else, then you will feel the need to check it, that’s just how it is.

That is why it’s a great idea to turn it off completely, because then it’s way harder to check for texts. You’ll have to turn it on and log in, just to do so and it’s less likely that you’ll do that, where it’s more likely if you just have to turn on the screen and then you’ll see the texts.

Personal Experience

I am one of those types of people who love to lay in bed and use my phone, whether it’s talking to people, playing some games, listening to music or something else.

That, of course, makes it difficult to turn off your phone, if you enjoy those things, however, if you don’t do it and get a few hours of sleep then you’re exhausted through the entire next day, so it’s not worth it, right?

You can spend some time on your phone as long as you turn it off before you want to sleep. Most studies advise you to stop using electronics 30 minutes before you go to sleep, because then your brain has some time to relax before you want to sleep.

In my personal experience the 30 minutes work. If I lay in bed and use my phone for hours, then it takes me some time afterward to just relax until I can fall asleep, unless it’s 3 am and I’m so tired I pass out.

If you insist on using your phone for 2 hours before sleeping, then go to bed earlier, because if you keep interrupting your sleep then you’ll just feel worse and worse by each day.

What I do is that I often go to bed rather early, then I can use my phone for a little while, then turn it off and relax, and then fall asleep.

That works great for me, and you have to find out what works for you, just don’t use your phone until 3 am when you know you have to wake up at 7.

Extra Advice

You’ve already heard what I do, and what studies suggest. Let’s sum it up

  • Don’t look at your phone or other electronics 30 minutes until you want to sleep.
  • Turn down the light on your phone if you use it at night, since this won’t be as disturbing to your brain
  • Go to bed earlier, if you insist on playing games on your phone for a while, or watching a video.
  • Turn off your phone completely when you want to sleep, as it will be less likely that you check the time or texts.
  • Accept the fact that whatever you want to get done on your phone, it can wait until the next day.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading this weeks article, I’m sure you can see the value of not using your phone at night, because we’ve all tried not getting enough sleep, and it’s not fun at all.

If you have any questions or comments then feel free to leave me a comment down below.

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I’ll see you next week!

All the best

Sebastian / Northern Nature

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